Princes Gate Spring Water

Bottled spring water, Water coolers & dispensers and Hydration information

Princes Gate - Delivered by Clouds. Filtered by Rock. Bottled by Us.
Hi there! Thanks for visiting our site! We love to welcome friends onboard to tell you more about our yummie spring water and how we love what we do here at Princes Gate. So whether you’re looking to find out more about our bottles of spring water, or water cooler machines, or simply to swat up on the benefits of hydration, click on any of the icons below. Or if you have a query, just drop us a line!

Spring Water

We sell a range of flavoured and non- flavoured spring water, in still and bubbly formats. Click here to find out how to get your hands on our merchandise ;o)

Water Coolers

We distribute some pretty snazzy cooler machines and mains fed units throughout Wales. Click here for more.