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We’re sure not perfect here at Princes Gate. I mean we’ve been known to have a sherbet or two on times (and our Christmas parties are notorious!). The same can be said about our manufacturing process. But we will say something; we are entirely honest about what we do and what we claim, a stance unfortunately not taken by all brands.

Mother Nature is pretty good to us. Not only does she provide the raw materials for our product but she’s also blessed our land with mineral rich rock to filter the water and gives it its unique analysis. So in return, we do all that we can to look after her.

We believe in sustainability, but it’s a word that’s brandished around a lot of late. For us, however, it’s something very simple but extremely meaningful. Sustainable business is the provision of goods to meet our needs, without compromising the needs of future generations. It means looking after ‘Our Factory’ for future generations of bottled water drinkers.

So you see, we’re not tree-huggers, and we don’t wear flip-flops. We just love Pembrokeshire and what we do.

Manufacturing of any type can be a dirty process in respect of the energy output per product produced and shipped. There is, however, a lot that can be done to minimise – even offset – these impacts on the environment.  The improvements to our systems actually now make us the ONLY manufacturer within the soft drinks industry in the UK to be totally self-sufficient from green energy produced on site (not bad for organic dairy farmers come good!):


Here’s what we’ve done…

  • In 2012 we invested £500,000 and have migrated to three-phase electricity. Before this, polluting oil powered generators were used to power our lines.
  • Erected solar panels across our entire factory roof (so Sun, you can start shining now please!)
  • Erected two wind turbines on our land which will harness wind on what is the second highest point in our county. View a video of this here.
  • We’ve invested £1.5million into installing a machine to blow our own bottles in-house: Formally we had been shipping from a third party manufacturer, which has reduced our raw material PET truck loads from 1000 to 50 per year.
  • Anything which CAN be recycled IS recycled on-site via compactors.
  • We have reduced our packaging (via the PET and bottle cap) by 15%.
  • We operate an on-site bio-diversification programme with Tir Gofal.
  • We manufacture on a fully soil association accredited site, where we too have planted lots of trees and a beautiful wildflower meadow.

The Accolades…

  • ‘Poster Boy’ for Carbon Trust UK
  • Regional and National EEF Sustainable Manufacturing Winners
  • Green Dragon level 5


We will continue with all of our efforts until we are as green as the space we occupy. But we’ll offer another nugget of honesty; although we love ‘Our Factory’, we’re not doing all of these things out of some blind sentiment – we do so because these measures ensure the sustainability of our business by saving costs in a very unstable economic climate, thereby not only shoring up but creating jobs for our locality.

See our video on YouTube regarding Princes Gate Spring Water energy efficiency

Rain is Great. We Love it. Sunshine makes us Smile. Wind makes us better.

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