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We’re pretty easy to please down here at Princes Gate. We love nothing more than a bad weather forecast, a grey sky full of clouds, and the odd torrential downpour. That’s because every drop of rain that falls on the Pembrokeshire Hills around us replenishes the Princes Gate Spring.

The source of our water is what is special to us and it is for this reason exactly that we go to great lengths to look after it. We love the land we live and work on. It is, after all, Our Factory.

The moment the rain touches the beautiful Pembrokeshire landscape, we wait patiently for 15 years while it filters through the mineral rich landscape, where it picks up a host of mineral goodness along the way and begins to form our wonderfully pure and unique water. Then all we do is lovingly bottle it for you to enjoy. So you see, our secret recipe’s not so secret really… Plenty of rain, clean, mineral rich rock and a lot of passion for what we do.

Princesgate Process

We’ve been farming on our little Organic farm in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, for generations, giving it the care and attention that it deserves and preserving its protected organic status. Princes Gate Water was founded by two brothers, David and Glyn Jones, over 23 years ago when we diversified into bottling Spring Water. We have come a long way since then! We built our pretty impressive purpose build bottling hall on the site of our farm in 2006 and are continually investing in our machinery. Every year since has brought an exciting new development to get to today where Princes Gate now employs over 50 people local to the Pembrokeshire region and our family’s growing all the time.

The farm is still a fully operational organic dairy farm, and we look after the land we love: Our bio-diversification has gained us several accreditations as we manage the land for the betterment of the wildlife and the plant species of the area.

Today, Princes Gate has become the chosen water for some pretty impressive places and can be found in some of the most prestigious outlets all over the UK.

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